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Logo Design on Fiverr: The Ultimate Guide

A good logo for your business is important for many reasons. I guess you already knew that which is why you are here. You probably already know how useful outsourcing jobs can be too. It can a great time saver and lets you focus on the things you do best. 

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Fiverr is one of the best places to get a professional logo made online quickly. We will go over how you can find a designer and how to get exactly what you want without making costly mistakes. Here’s a link to my overall guide on outsourcing work online with Fiverr if you need more than a logo.

Some of the links in this article may be affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you if you decide to purchase something. 

Looking for a logo designer

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When you go to Fiverr, there are lots of categories across the header of the page. Hover over Graphics & Design the click Logo Design. It might ask you if you have a specific design in mind. Feel free to skip this section by scrolling down.

Here is where you can browse for your logo designer. Fiverr wants you to have a good experience, so you keep coming back and you recommend their services to your friends. This means they will do a lot of the hard work for you and put some of the best designers at the top of the list. It's likely that you might find the designer you want to work with without having to search much at all.

Have a look at the previews, you might already have an idea of what type of logo you want already. Do any of these designers have work that align with what you had in mind? 

Use the arrows on the preview image to scroll through more examples. A lot of designers will have a large single image as an example and a collage of examples of up to six designs. This should give you a good idea of the type of work they do. After all, they will display some of their best work to grab your attention.

When you see a designer you like, you can save them to a list. You can either make a new list or just use the default list Fiverr gives you. Click the heart. If you don't have access to this feature, you will need to sign in. It will make things a lot easier later on when it's time to make a decision.

Click here to sign up and make an account

Seller Profile Preview

After making note of a few designers that catch your eye. It's time to review. You will have noticed the star rating, the number of reviews and the seller level. Let’s go over each of these;

Star Rating

The rating is out of 5 and the best sellers usually have a 4.8 or above. You can read reviews to find out why but they usually get a high rating for good communication, sticking to the brief and delivering quickly.

Number of Reviews

A lot of sellers have been on the platform for a long time and have racked up over 1000 reviews. that's a lot of work. A 4.8 rating with over 1k reviews shows you that they must be doing something right. This is a great sign of trust. For a lot of sellers, this is probably the main source of their income so they take this very seriously.

Seller Level

This rating is awarded by Fiverr and gives us a bit more information about the seller. there are 4 seller levels. You can read about them in more detail on the site. For now here's an overview;

New Seller

Just joined Fiverr and created a gig. Fiverr encourages users at this level to increase their level by working hard and being fair.

Level One Seller

After 60 days on the platform Fiverr reviews a seller's performance. They must complete at least 10 individual offers and maintain a 4.7 star rating. Sellers must also maintain at least a 90% response rate, order completion and on-time delivery.

Level Two Seller

Fiverr notes that this level "isn't easy to achieve, but it's worth it". Sellers must maintain the same customer service as above along with a few other requirements for 120 days. They must also have completed 50 individual offers.

Top Rated Seller

This is the elite group in Fiverr's own words. Sellers don't get here by accident and if they have this rating you can trust that they are going to deliver. Again, similar to the requirements at previous levels with at least 180 days and 100 individual offers.

Review Designer profile

Now it's time to click through and look at the sellers profile...

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Starting with the package window to the right. Sellers usually have 3 pricing packages, Basic, Standard and Premium. These set out the number of revisions you can get, the number of days for delivery and any other products the seller wants to include.

One piece of advice about ordering a design is that some (not many) sellers will try their luck and ask you to pay more than advertised. If this happens to you, remind them of the price they advertised and they will often agree to that.

Just below this window is the contact seller button. Use this to ask the seller any questions. We will come back to what to ask for in a separate section below. I have put this in its own section because it will make all the difference for getting a logo design you are happy with.

The "About this Gig" section

This is the sellers opportunity to sell you on their service. Read through it and see if what they say aligns with what you want to receive. They will often go into why you should choose them, a bit about their taste in design and some detail about what you will get out of them. Professional designers usually have a great about section because they understand the importance of presenting a good image to potential customers.

About The Seller

Just below the gig section is this about section. It will tell you where the seller is from. This will give you an indication of their first language. In my experience, some sellers will put down that they are fluent in English but you will notice they aren't the best in their written communication.

Use the message contact button I mentioned above to get an idea and see if this will get in the way. If you are dealing with a top seller, it shouldn’t be a problem.

You will also get an idea of the response and delivery time. An example I am looking at right now has a 2 hour average response time and a recent delivery of 45 minutes. The response time is how long it takes for them to reply to your message. It’s in the sellers best interest to respond quickly because this information is on display for everyone to see. I have personally had someone respond to me in 2 minutes. I was surprised.

The recent delivery tells you how long it could take for them to deliver on the job. I mentioned before about the different packages and how the advertised delivery time varies. Don't worry about this too much because sellers often under promise and over deliver in this area. Great customer service.

My Portfolio

This section lets you dig a bit deeper into the work of the seller. You can see the design examples in higher resolution that in the little preview window before. make a note of the things you like and don't like. This way when you contact the seller you can reference these things and they will know what you are describing.

Compare Packages

This is where you can go over what you will get in more detail if you order. You can see a side by side comparison in a handy table. If you aren't too familiar with graphic design, I will go over some of the things you should look out for further on. It will help you avoid mistakes.

Find a logo designer now

A note on Image type

 I will go over this because it could save you money now but cost you later. Images come in 2 different types. Vector and raster, if you already know the difference skip ahead.

Raster image - An image that has a set number of pixels. This number can be increased or decreased but quality will be affected. If you take a picture on your phone, this is a raster image. You will be able to print it at around 6 x 4 inches and it will look perfectly fine, sharp in fact. If you tried to blow this image up to poster size, it would probably look horrible.

Vector image - This type of image is made up of points in digital space, maths. It means that you can set the original image to whatever size you want with no loss in quality. You can print it and 6 x 4 inches, poster size or even billboard size and it will look perfect.

I used printing as an example but pixilation of an image that has been enlarged on a computer screen is also noticeable.

  • Raster image format examples - jpg, pdf, png
  • Vector image formats - You should ask if not specified but usually vector images will be provided in the native file format. The program they were designed in. For example Adobe Illustrator (.ai). Don’t be alarmed if you cannot open the file, your designer can.

Why do you want the native file?

I have already mentioned the benefits of resizing. Another benefit is ff you want to make any edits to your logo in the future, it will be much easier if you have the original file. You can pick up where your designer left off.

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What to ask for from a logo designer (your brief & checklist)

I want my readers to have the best experience on Fiverr so I'll give you a sort of template of what you ask for when writing to your first designer. After all, it wouldn't be good if you had a bad experience on a platform I believe in and recommended to you.

Brand Name & Tagline

The brand name is pretty straight forward. Don’t forget to give the designer your tag line if you have one. It will give the designer something to keep in mind during the design process. A brand name might not mean anything to a new customer, it might not even be a real word. A good tag line can’t be misunderstood, it should give your customers an insight into what you are about. 

Target audience and demographic

Who is your brand aimed at? If you have customers already, you may already know this. If not, make a note of who your ideal customer is. You'll be surprised how a difference in target audience can affect the logo design. A good designer will be able to use this information to influence the final logo.

Colour Psychology

There is an argument to say this is nonsense but look at some major brands and make up your own mind about whether the theory aligns or not. You might already have brand colours in mind, if you don’t here is an outline of the psychology of colours;

  • Red - Attracts the human eye. Suggests Energy, Danger and Passion.
  • Green - The restful colour. Suggests Nature, Safety and Harmony
  • Blue - Office colour. Suggests Depth, Quality and Truth
  • Yellow - The happy colour. Suggests Light, Warmth and Positivity
  • Black - Authority. Suggests Power, Formality and Elegance
  • Grey - Conservative. Suggests Security, Reliability and Professionalism
  • White - Purity. Suggests Neutrality and Goodness

Display size

Think about where you want to display your logo. A logo that can be on the tab of an internet browser and one that can be printed above your building entrance could look very different. A smaller logo can’t afford to have lots of little details because they will get lost and make the logo look messy. You might need to consider getting two versions of the logo made. One for small applications and one for large.

Ask for in the following formats...

Professional designers will be able to provide your logo in the following formats with no problem. We went over the importance of a vector image file so you know why you should get one, they provide edibility and scalability. You should get a combination of both vector and raster. The raster image files will let you apply them in your business quickly. You will be familiar with some already;

  • PNG transparent & Opaque - [raster]
  • pdf - [raster]
  • jpg - [raster]
  • Adobe illustrator - [vector]

Note - Graphic designers usually use the adobe illustrator software. This is not the only design software available, the idea is the get the native file format. The original file of the program the designer used to create your logo.

Note - A transparent png is an image with a transparent background. This means you can overlay images without the background blocking other graphics or text. The part of the image that would usually just be a white box around your logo is not there.

Examples of work

Yes, you can send your designer example logos. This is often forgotten, it can help a lot. You might already have some sketches or example logos, even logos saved of other companies. Send each of these to your designer for inspiration. This is probably one of the best things you can do so take advantage of this feature.

640x100 Get A Custom Logo

Not happy with your design?

As good as the designers are on Fiverr, there is a chance you might not like the design. If you follow the advice I gave here, you should be completely happy. In the rare chance that you are not, here are some things you can do;

Use your revisions - I mentioned design revisions earlier on. Use these to your advantage. Look at the first design you receive carefully and make a note of everything you can think of. Good and bad. Then think about what you would like to see changed and send these notes to your designer. The next revision should be much closer to what you want.

Reject the delivery – Click “not yet” instead of “happy” and this will give you the opportunity to communicate with the seller. You can go over the things you want resolved before you accept.

Dispute Resolution – You can open a dispute and request the seller cancels the order. This way work can stop and you don’t have to pay for anything.

Pay anyway – This might sound a bit strange but if you pay for the logo and hold onto it. When you approach the next designer you can use it as an example of what not to do. There might be some things you like about it and the next designer could have the skills to make it perfect for you.

Don't be afraid to negotiate - Remember that the designers on Fiverr and real people often with real businesses. Not robots on the internet. It’s likely that they will do what it takes to keep you happy. Their rating depends on it. Basically, if you see want anything they haven’t mentioned, just ask for it. See if they will include it for free or at a small fee.

Get started on Fiverr, Click here


Remember that outsourcing is a great opportunity to get quality professional work done quickly. Life can get really busy and there is only so much time in the day. Focus on the tasks that you are good at and outsource the rest if it makes sense financially.

With regards to logo design, I’ve tried. I’m happy coding websites, building algorithms, even running marketing campaigns. When I try logo design, I can come up with okay concepts and designs but I am always disappointed in the execution. It also takes a very, very long time. I’ve decided that it’s just one of those things I’ll leave to the professionals. Some of you might be in a similar position to me.

Hire a designer and get your first logo on Fiverr

In this guide we have only looked at logo design. Follow the link ahead to my article on outsourcing work online with Fiverr for some inspiration. There are so many categories for hiring freelancers it’s amazing. Here’s a list of the categories I go over;

  • Graphics & Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Writing & Translation
  • Video & Animation
  • Music & Audio
  • Programming & Tech
  • Business

I still haven’t been through them all myself and I’m excited to find out what else is on there.

Is Fiverr legit?

I have to add this because one of the things people ask first when spending money online is; "am I going to get scammed?". Everyone is right to ask this because it's quite easy to appear legitimate online.

Yes, Fiverr is legit. The site has a reputation to keep so it does lots to make sure you get the best service. One of the main things it does to protect buyers is let you pay only when you are happy with the service. You don't get this kind of benefit when hiring a local freelancer, it's standard in most industries to pay a fraction of the project upfront to insure the freelancer.

If you still have doubts, there are plenty of videos on youtube from reputable channels who have loyal fans who would spot a fake review from a mile away.

Some of the links in this article may be affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you if you decide to purchase something.

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