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Hi, I’m Eric.

My focus is Web Development, Data Science and Marketing.

I am a React developer primarily and I use Gatsby for multiple page sites. The tool is just a means to get the job done so I don’t limit myself to one stack.

A bit of background…

I started out learning python which gave me an understanding of computer science. I learned about data structures first then data visualisation and went on to build machine learning algorithms.

This was great but the problem was that I couldn’t show anyone without loading up python and running the code.

Browsers running javascript are everywhere so I learned frontend and back end web development. Data structures are the same in different languages in my experience, it’s just about learning the syntax.

These skills combined let me build applications and create visualisations then share them with the world.

My Skills

Here’s a list of some of the languages and packages I have worked with;

Main Programming languages

Python – Machine learning and data Science

Javascript – Frontend(React.js) and backend(node.js) web develoment

HTML & CSS – Web develoment

Some notable packages

Node.js – server-side JavaScript runtime environment

D3js – data visualisation

Seaborn – data visualisation

Pandas – data manipulation

scikit-learn – Machine Learning

express – Web framework for node

github – Version control

passport – OAuth Authentication & Security



noSQL –MongoDB

Statistics and machine learning



Association Rule Learning

Reinforcement Learning

Deep Learning

Dimensionality Reduction

Design and media




Premiere pro

Thanks for reading. I am based in Nottingham UK. The nature of this work means it can be completely remote so if you have any queries, please get in touch. Due to time constrains, I can only offer certain services to those interested, currently;

Set up and maintain landing pages for lead generation with analytics integration

Get in touch if you have any questions, need advice on sharing anything on this site, setting up your own visualisations and more.

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