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Clean My Mac Review

Easily the best app for keeping your mac clean

We’re all familiar with the slowdown computers experience as time goes on. It doesn’t matter how much you try to keep your hard drive clean or run as few applications as possible, it still ends up slowing down. If it isn’t a speed issue then your storage is probably full somehow or your ram is complaining again.

Remembering back to when you first got your mac or pc, it was fast and a pleasure to use. Probably the fastest computer you’ve had yet. Turning it on was a pleasure because the time until you could start using it was a matter of seconds. Everything opened quickly and you didn’t get nervous about downloading, opening a few browser tabs at once or installing new applications.

When things get unbearable it’s time to start looking for solutions for how to clear cache on mac or how to clean mac storage. Google and YouTube tutorials offer plenty of options. Some just flat-out don’t work. Others expect you have a computer science degree and know enough about the command terminal to not fear creating a brand new problem. You’ve decided an application is the way forward and this where Clean My Mac comes in.

Using clean my mac

I actually have actually been using clean my mac for years on a recommendation from a friend and it never occurred to me to write a review. My work through CDS involves collaborating with creatives in all sorts of design fields where a fast computer is essential. Data science, web development, graphic design, video editing – all of these are so much easier when your computer is working with you instead of against you. I recommend it to everyone with storage & ram issues and everyone is always pleasantly surprised because computer cleaning apps of the past seemed to just be back doors for viruses.

Running it every so often has become second nature for routine maintenance. If you’re like me, you want your computer to last at least a few years before you’re forced to upgrade because of hardware issues.

Some of the links in this article may be affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you if you decide to purchase something.

Why it’s so good

The main things clean my mac does are clean, optimise for speed and protect from threats. When you run the software for the first time, it highlights all the junk you have on your computer. This includes incomplete downloads, cached and unneeded files. It removes different kinds of threats like malware, adware, spyware and general viruses.

I’ll mention early that the user interface looks really good and the app is a pleasure to use. The designers have put a lot of time into making sure everything is clear and in intuitive places. UI is something I rank highly in any app I’m using because I really dislike having to search google for how to do something in an app when it should be straight forward.

Everything you ever need in this app can be reached in just a few clicks. You don’t need to be a technical person or worry that you are going to delete something that you really shouldn’t. If you want to go a bit deeper, you don’t have to just blanket delete. It gives clear options and you can un-tick files types that you want to keep. Try clean my mac for free here.

What makes your computer slow?

There are all kinds of things that make your computer slow – temp, cache and hidden files are some of the main culprits. On my old computers I used to see the temporary internet and files that were 12 characters or what looked like random numbers and letters. I haven’t gone deep enough to see those files recently but I don’t have to because clean my mac takes care of all of that.

Your computer doesn’t have to slow down as much as you think over time. Yes, apps get better and more demanding as times go on but developers also work on making them more efficient meaning old hardware should still be able to keep up. There will be a time when your computer can’t keep up in the far future but why can’t it be at least nearly as fast as when you first bought it now?

You will be surprised at how many gigabytes on your storage can be unnecessary. Your computer is like a hoarder of data and information if you let it be.

I used to look at my storage when the computer complained about being full. I saw apps, other, movies, photos, audio etc. What is “other” and why is it so many Gigabytes? Where are all of these Gigabytes of Apps?

how to clear dns cache on mac

Complaining about cache

Well “other” is where a lot of the unnecessary files are including dns cache. Macs keep this information to make your experience faster. It means you don’t have to download everything over and over again every time you want to use something. The application accesses it from your drive and It works.

The problem is that even with good intentions, too many of these files build up and end up causing the exact opposite effect to what was intended. They make your computer slow.

These files are not smart enough to delete themselves so they just remain on your mac just in case they are needed some day. That data from a site you haven’t visited for 2 years is still sitting there waiting. That backup information form the app you haven’t touched in a year is still sitting there. Not to mention applications and websites update their tools periodically so you could have 5 different versions of the same app data on your disk.

Removing the correct files

The files are hidden so deep in your storage that it isn’t just a matter of selecting them and clicking delete. You have to dig through your computer with enough knowledge to find the files you should delete and the ones to leave alone.

If you aren’t a tech person and want just one button to solve this problem, clean my mac has it. It is smart enough to know the difference between unnecessary and essential, between junk and important files. It means you don’t have to spend hours or days searching through folders looking for files yourself. Learn more here.

Smart assistant

After you have run the first clean and solved your storage problems. Clean my mac has a smart assistant that offers regular clean ups. It means that if you use it and follow recommendations as it learns, you will be able to keep your mac clean and not be struck down with a slow system again anytime soon.

You can use clean my mac to free up ram and keep you productive. You shouldn’t have to worry about your computer struggling in performance when you are trying to use it the way you always have.

Virus Protection

Hackers are persistent and sometimes no matter how hard you try, you can end up with some sort of virus eventually. I’m not talking about a virus that makes your screen back and shows crazy things on your screen, it’s not like the old days. It could just be some malware that sits on your computer doing its job quietly in the background. Sending data and using your resources.

People who make viruses often don’t want you to know they are there. This makes it more surprising when you run clean my mac and find what’s been hiding on your computer.

Uninstalling apps properly

CleanMyMac cleans up the apps you actually use and can remove old apps completely. Have you ever tried to uninstall an app only to have remnants/ associated files left behind on your mac? Clean my mac uninstalls them correctly or restores them to their original state so you can start again.

Is Cleanmymac Safe?

yes, cleanmymac is legit and safe. MacPaw is a Ukranian software company who has many software solutions including cleanmymac x. The company was founded in 2008 and according to Wikipedia, had revenue of $23 million in 2018 so they have a few happy customers.

Finally, let clean my mac do it

All of these benefits lead to a faster boot time, you get faster & more responsive apps and Gigabytes of free space that you didn’t know how to access before. You don’t need to think about any storage or ram issues again, let clean my app do it for you.

The website offers a free download of Clean my Mac, try it for free here. They also offer options for business and academia, check the price.

Some of the links in this article may be affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you if you decide to purchase something. 

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